It was a jammed packed weekend and of course the biggest honor to be apart of one of my good college friends wedding. I earned a few battle wounds due to the incessant mosquito biting but it was all worth it in the end to hangout with this fabulous crew at one of the most beautiful venues in NC.
Lovely ferry rides, great talks about the college days, learning how to apply powder foundation and contour, slicing lemons with dull knives and posting way to many Instagram stories summed up the majority of my weekend.
Two glasses of wine in and the wedding shenanigans were off to a good start, I could hardly tell my shoes were 1/2 size to small. LOL , Charlie had a good time too but he’s not sure our bank account can fund another bridesmaids dress this year. Praying no one else gets engaged until we reup on the funds. Hope you guys weekend went well. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m headed to Walmart to get some cortizone cream for these darn mosquito bites on my legs and arms.
Deidra Marie


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