This is what happens when you Google free things to do in Raleigh. You end up at a random museum taking shots with dino’s and seagulls from the Carolina coast.  Money is kind of tight and who knew this whole time I’ve been in this city that there were so many free things to do. Don’t you just love that word “free”? Say it a few times and let it roll off your tongue; 10 bucks you’ll heart will start to flutter. 🙂 In typical Craig fashion, we had to take pics of just about everything in sight. Spent time taking so many pics we didn’t even make it to the exhibits on the 3rd and 4th floor. Now we have an excuse to go back and visit again. We will start on the first floor again and try to see if we can make it to the top before close time. 

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Science is nestled smack in dab in the middle of downtown Raleigh. The ideal place for any blogger to snap amazing pics, find random eats and see the occasional street preacher or musician. With my fro out and empty pockets (literally, Charlie and I have no money :)) we ventured into the unknown…. okay, not exactly, I’ve been to this museum a few times in middle school, lets try this again. With my fro out and empty pockets, we ventured into the land of the lost. Yeah, that sounds a bit more suspenseful, huh? Now that I’ve got your attention, keep reading, a surprise ending awaits…

I always think to myself, are we touring Raleigh every weekend to collect ideas on how to entertain our future children. Ha, speaking of children, my mother spent the whole of yesterday yapping about how she has no grandchildren. I responded by saying that she was very ungrateful as she does have grandcats (my cats Tux and Lincoln). Parents these days, don’t appreciate anything, 🙂 but I digress…

If your in the Raleigh area, balling on a budget, interested in all things NC nature, wanna keep the kiddos entertained, and want to snap some pics with a ginormous t-rex head, I suggest you head on over to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences

The surprise ending…this visit was free…ha, my heart just fluttered! Hope you guys have a great week!


Deidra Marie 

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