The last week in October is always the craziest for my family and I. The end of the month consist of my anniversary, my moms birthday, my father in-laws birthday and our NCSU Homecoming (which Charlie and I regrettably miss every year) 😦 because of all the celebrations taking place.

Let the games begin, because my November is jam packed and so is December. I think it begins to slow down for us typically after my birthday on March 11th. No complaints though, I never turn down the opportunity to spend time with family and friends. 

Began the weekend off with the obligatory visit to the NC Art Museum with my good friend Ozy, who just so happen to also be my photo test subject for the evening unbeknownst to her :).  We kicked it with some blow up bunnies and bald-headed hanging wall men, indulged in some Venezuelan cuisine and hit the sack before 10pm. Yes, you got it, were getting old LOL. 

Hit the road and headed back to Charlie’s hometown to celebrate his dad’s 65th birthday! It was an awesome celebration filled with warm remarks and good ol soul food. I took home about 4 to go plates, mostly because I’m not in a cooking mood this week. Had Sunday church service then off to dinner to celebrate my mother’s 62nd birthday and our anniversary. So needless to say, it was quite the busy weekend. Momma was super happy though, and I was super happy to hang with my big bro and lil sis Derek and Danny. Check the throwback pic of my wedding and of course I had to throw in a childhood pic of my siblings. We haven’t changed a bit, huh?

I have some pretty amazing collabs coming down the pipes, so the next few post shall be very interesting. Stay tuned…


Deidra Marie

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