Charlie and I stuck around Raleigh for the Thanksgiving break and decided to get in some much needed shooting practice. We often take the weekends to create content but not much time is given to practicing with our cameras. There is always something to learn and so little time to do so. We discover new features about our cameras almost every time we shoot. We are definitely not rookies in this field but pride ourselves on capturing some pretty darn good shots every now and then. 
With Chucks on our feet, we took a stroll through Pullen Park which is right on NC State campus. From the pictures it looks like it was warm, huh? And yes my friend, you would be correct. NC has been experiencing the oddest weather lately with most days in the 60’s and 70’s, no rain and no need for a coat. Odd indeed, but I won’t complain. Just wish I hadn’t spent so much time putting away my spring and summer clothes and taking out my fall winter clothes. One day you need a coat and the next…well, who knows what’s to come. 
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, let the Cyber Monday madness begin. I’ll be chatting about my Black Friday purchases on the blog soon. 
Deidra Marie

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