Perfect start to a perfect weekend. So I’m clearly not the only one who appreciates ice cream on a cool day. It’s odd, I like hot coffee when it’s hot and iced coffee whenever or is that always? Who knows. Spent the day on campus with my main work babe. She’s another coffee loving, tea drinking, ice cream having anything sweet, random trips to the nearest food spot friend of mine. While the list of friends like this is long, this sweet lady appreciates anything random like I do. I opted for the banana pudding ice cream. I’m a bit guilty of the calorie count so I’ll just keep that to myself. My friend opted for something a little more eclectic, I think it was black raspberry something or another, eww, LOL. 

I’m grateful to have friends that will indulge with me on multiple occasions and then wallow with me in a guilt trip as we discuss how 3 months earlier we were going to get our bodies in shape for the new year, Ha. Well, look at it this way, round is a shape, LOL. 

If you ever make a visit to NC State campus, I suggest you try out the Howling Cow Ice Cream, made from our very own cows housed on campus. It’s some of the freshest ice cream I’ve had and no matter the flavor it doesn’t disappoint. So grab you a cone or two and get that round shape you’ve always wanted, LOL. 

Hope you have an awesome week!


Deidra Marie

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