What a great weekend! Charlie and I made a quick trip to Greensboro to celebrate my brother-in laws graduation. He officially has his PhD. now. We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel. Between the cookies, ginormous shower, and being in close proximity of the mall, I was pretty darn satisfied. A girl couldn’t ask for much more. That cute little bundle of joy in the red coat is my precious niece, Mari. Charlie and I hung out with her most of the day chatting about Cinnabons and plans to take over the world. Yup, this girl is smart as whip to be only 6 years old. We had deep conversations about the weather and her 1st grade math test. She will talk your ear off if you let her, LOL.

Anyway, this weekend truly got me in the Christmas spirit, partly because it is now officially freezing in NC, 21 degrees this weekend to be exact, but I’m staying cozy with my socks and sweatshirt for the rest of the week and hoping for some good warm coffee and donuts, mmm yummy.

Hope you had a great weekend.


Deidra Craig

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