We just couldn’t help ourselves. One of the many stops we made on our visit to Virginia was Krispy Kreme. It’s literally impossible to just drive by this place when the hot light is on. We didn’t fight the urge, saw the large sign getting off the freeway and floored it to the shop. Not exactly on our diet plan but hey, you only live once, right? It was the perfect way to start our morning and last day in VA. I got 6 glazed and a vanilla iced coffee and Charlie got a ice cold milk and the chocolate covered ones. Need I remind you, we are currently training for a 5K in September. Yeah, a 5K, we ran a few miles when we got back in town to burn off at least one of these darn donuts so we didn’t feel to bad. For some reason, these donuts are just so much better when they are hot, the glaze just kind of melts in your mouth. That being said, I suggest following these 5 rules for your next Krispy Kreme visit:

My 5 rules for visiting Krispy Kreme:
Rule #1
Never go there if the hot light is not on!

Rule #2
To avoid dry mouth, order an iced coffee or cold milk, it’s not complete without one of these beverages

Rule #3
You can’t just eat 1, so don’t fight it. Do you boo!

Rule #4
Glazed are the best but be adventurous every now and then and get you a donut with sprinkles!

Rule #5
Prepare for guilty for eating a dozen by yourself and make plans to visit the gym later on that day. 🙂

Like rule #5, vacay is over and it’s back to salads and water 😦 Now you know why we road trip so much, it’s an excuse to eat bad. There is no way anyone is eating kale on a road trip, that’s just ludicrous. Hump day here we go!

Just so you know, the title of this post is a complete lie so don’t go to Krispy Kreme racking up on this their fluffy, glazed goodness. 🙂 I will admit, it is hard to only have just one.


Deidra Marie

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