Finding the right short lengths have been a bit of a problem. In all honesty, up until a few months ago, I’ve stayed away from shorts just because I thought they weren’t really all that great looking on me, but I figured out that length and how it lays on your thigh truly makes a difference. I have short legs and a really long torso so making my legs appear longer is the goal when wearing shorts. That being said, any shorts that hit at the knee or longer, such as bermuda shorts, or shorts with an 11′ inseam are not the best option for me. If you have a leaner thigh, you can definitely get away with shorts that are more form fitting to the body. I’m not in that category, and for this particular outfit, I chose to do a more flowy short that doesn’t cling to the thigh. Below I’ve provided a few things I feel matter when you are on the shorts hunt.

1. Inseams Matter
When shopping for shorts figure out the inseams. This will help you with rise and help you determine if the length will look flattering on you. Inseams matter most when shopping online. Take your measurements if you have to. Rule of thumb, if your 5’4 or shorter, you might want to consider shopping petite sizes, if you shop regular women’s sizes, chances are your shorts will be way to long. This may work to your advantage if you prefer a longer short.

2. Fabrics Matter
I like cotton, something that breathes, because my thighs are thick and I need some type of air flow, LOL. Denim is nice, but if you sweat easy you want a fabric that moves and breathes.

3. Colors Matter
I’m fuller on the bottom so I like shopping for colors that are dark with minimal prints and patterns. Of course, if you are leaner on the bottom, I recommend you go crazy with the bright colors, prints, distressed look etc… Sadly, I don’t find that very appealing on me. Lastly, if you sweat easy, it’s best to buy dark colors to avoid seeing sweat stains.

4. Waist Matters
I find that some shorts will fit perfectly in the thigh, but fit very loose in the waist, and vice versa. If your willing, get your shorts tailored. I’ll tailor shorts that I paid very little money for so I don’t feel bad for spending additional money on making it fit. The shorts I’ve worn for this blogpost have a drawstring, this is also a clever option.

5. Shoes Matter
If you have short legs, your goal is to lengthen! lengthen! lengthen! I do this with a comfortable wedge or if I know I’ll be sitting most of the day or I’ll wear a cute block heel. If you have long legs, rock a cute statement flat or sandal. If I absolutely have to wear a flat, I opt for a pointy toe flat, it provides balance to the lower half of my body which is much fuller.

Happy shorts shopping good people.

Shop similar shorts, top and jacket at the links above. I’ve also linked my cute Ralph Lauren wedges for your shopping pleasure. Happy Monday, lets get it!


Deidra Marie

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