I’m getting all the warm and fuzzies because my favorite season is almost here! pumpkin spice flavors and food, warm colors, the most beautiful cotton candy sunsets, cute booties and flannel are coming back soon! Yes, I said it, flannel, LOL. This is a no judge zone. I’m patiently waiting. While I wait, I’ll be rocking the most amazing transition outfits and sharing a few tips on how to take your summer wardrobe into fall with grace. For this post, I styled one of my favorite thrifted blazers. It’s perfect for that transition to fall as it is light weight and a nice warm fall color. When styled with shorts and cute sunnies, you look ready for fall but still warm weather appropriate. Check out just a few of my quick summer to fall transition tips below.

Jewel tones like teal, deep lavender, and blue are the ultimate summer to fall transition colors and look great on just about every skin tone. These colors are in the cool family and tranisition easily into the later fall months like October.

I know, how could one possibly think of layering when it’s this hot. It’s easy to layer with the right fabrics. Linen mixed blazers like the one I’m wearing in this post is a great way to layer for work. I work in a cold office so having this jacket around helps a lot. You can always just take it off if it gets hot. A nice sleeveless light weight sweater vest is a cute layer piece as well.

Change your hair color! Yes, darker hair always looks great for the colder months while lighter hair colors are always an option for the warmer months. Of course, you can always shock people and break the rules. I’m good at that. LOL.
You can still wear your flats and peep toes! Add some tights and your feet and legs will stay warm. I in no way support leg warmers, but that is an option as well. LOL You can also rock your tights with a summer transition skirt once temps really start to drop.
I LOVE a good hat. Fedora’s are a great transition hat and can easily be worn through September. I’d say you can break out a beret hat in cool or even warm colors and that is a great transition accessory that adds flare to any outfit.
Denim shorts are always a great option. Denim is year around. To put a fall mix to denim shorts, wear with warm colors and 3 quarter length sleeved tops or even full length sleeve tops.
I hope these quick tips help. Denim shorts, sunglasses and blazer are all thrifted finds but please do shop my flats and similar top at the links above.
Happy Monday!
Deidra Marie

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