When work and play collide you get this. B and I took a road trip to Richmond, Virginia to see one of our old work friends, Nelle. She is a youth coordinator for a town close to Richmond and  has been out there close to a year. Long distance relationships are hard and we were so missing her so we jumped in the car and took that 3 hour drive to her neck of the woods. We did a radio show about Nelle’s work with the youth and our work with NC State University. We also toured every location possible in Richmond, hit up a coffee shop with only two flavors (one of them not being hazelnut 😦  ate way to many carbs, specifically deep fried onion rings 🙂 , took lots of pics, regrettably, bought cheap lipstick from the thrift for an impromptu lipstick try on party, made multiple trips to target for better lipstick hours later, stayed up way to late, and had our fair share of wine slushies. Oh yeah, we also attended one of Nelle’s youth work events. It was a great weekend but the fun is over and it’s back to spinach leaves for dinner, no Netflix binge sessions, no wine at 10 in the morning, and no more deep conversations at 3am with Nelle’s cat, Friday.

In the Richmond area? Visiting soon? Check out a list of  some of the places B, Nelle, and I visited on our weekend trip below.

Alchemy Coffee
Cary town Cupcakes
Circle Thrift & Art Space
Bev’s Homemade Ice Cream
Ashton Creek Vineyard
West Broad Street
Legend Brewing Company
Belle Isle

Till the next trip. Happy hump day!


Deidra Marie

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