So I’ve been on a serious break from blogging lately, but with good reason! Charles and I had a few photography gigs this past weekend so we were gearing up for all the shenanigans that come with photographing over 50+ people for 3 gigs in one day. I know, crazy huh? But about this outfit…..

I made it all myself. Nah, just kidding, nabbed this amazing purple print button up from one of my new fav online vintage funk shops, The CruLook (link above). Also, my cute denim jumper is thrifted as well. I’m not sure of the shop but found this jumper during my ladies trip to VA a few weeks back. It’s still very warm here in NC so a denim jumper like this with a funky and fun top underneath is a must.  I’m right at that awkward time where I’m not sure if I should take out my fall and winter bins or keep them where they are. Summer to fall transitions are so hard here in NC because the weather is so unpredictable. Speaking of transitions. Short sleeves won’t always work for this jumper once it starts to get colder here in NC so if your looking for ideas on how to style a jumper with the changing weather, try a long sleeve shirt and if it’s really cold you can wear a cute turtle neck. I love wearing my jumpers with booties and sometimes if I’m feeling real 1990’s vintage circa “Clueless” days I’ll do a beret and some knee high socks with Mary Jane shoes, it’s such a cute way to express yourself, look retro but still fashion forward and fun. By the way, I’m still wearing white until I feel it’s no longer appropriate, and no date will determine that for me. Fashion is about breaking the rules. I break them daily, and I’m okay with not looking like everyone else. Don’t be afraid to standout, mix and match your looks and try something you’ve never tried before. I encourage everyone to wear white for as long as you choose! Just look hella cute doing it ;).

Till next time good people. 


Deidra Marie 

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