I use to always say Navy was not a good color for me. I said this mostly because I feel I look better in bright colors. I think they show up better on my chocolate skin and dark colors, with the exception of black, really don’t do much for me. Now, anyone who knows me knows I live in and live for bright. I love it all baby; neon’s, bold, look at me out there colors that shine and shine bright. This jumpsuit is one of the few exceptions that I’ve included in my clothing selection. To be truly honest with you, I had no intentions of purchasing this piece. I order some dress pants that were to big and went to the store to return them and found this thing just sitting by it’s lonesome in the corner of sale section at just $25. I couldn’t resist. It’s not just the price that got me, it was really the color. It’s sort of navy and sort of not. It’s a bright enough blue that with the right accessories it really just pops. I’ve learned a few lessons about color with this purchase. Here’s some tips and cheats for rocking some of the colors:
1. Dark Skin=Bold Colors
Dark skin is gorgeous, and to show it off you should wear colors that pop. Bold pinks, reds, deep mustard yellows and any orange is great on chocolate skin. If your not into brights, dress up your blacks, grays, whites and light navy’s with a bright accessory or fun bright lip color. 
2. Jewel Tones work on just about everyone
I’m no stranger to a jewel toned color. Those are your pale teals, navy’s, lavenders and rose pinks. Just about any skin and hair color can wear them, I believe. Tip: rock these colors in your transition from winter to spring. It’ll make the transition in your wardrobe feel effortless.
3. Pastels don’t work for everyone but….
Pastels aren’t the best color palette on me but I still rock it. One way to get away with a pastel is to cheat with a print. For example, wear a printed top with a pastel background. People certainly won’t focus on the color as their eyes will be drawn to the print instead. 
4. When in doubt, wear All BLACK or All WHITE
I’ve literally NEVER seen anyone who wore all white or all black that didn’t look put together and effortless. I wear all black when I’m not feeling my best and sometimes when I’m feeling super powerful and independent; depends on how the wind blows. I really do dress according to mood. I’m happy all the time so it’s usually bright colors, LOL. I also wear black when I am absolutely fresh out of outfit ideas. All white is another option if you don’t feel like rocking the funeral look. To each his/her own. 
5. Layer when the color isn’t working
Sometimes I layer pieces over a colored piece that doesn’t really do anything for me. Again, dark navy isn’t really my color, but with a pink or yellow layer on top it looks effortless. 
Hope this color cheat tips help you out. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box. Fashion is suppose to be fun. Express yourself and most importantly BE YOURSELF!
Link to my New York and Company jumpsuit is at the top. I’ve also linked my sunnies and similar pink shoes is up there too. 😉 
Deidra Marie

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