All black is chic, classy and never fails you but I’m a firm believer in making sure you dress it appropriately. Just because you wear all black, doesn’t mean you stop trying. Believe it or not, you can mess up an all black look. There are actually ways to do all black WRONG. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to keep you looking chic, elegant and in style wearing all black everything.

DON’T wear oversized garments
I know what your thinking, it’s all black and because of that it’ll make me look slimmer so a little extra fabric shouldn’t do any harm. WRONG. Anything oversized with the exception of beach cover ups, tunics and the occasional blouse will make you look big, even in the color black. Black is not a cure all and wearing oversized black clothes thinking no-one will notice is crazy. Please wear clothes that fit to avoid looking frumpy.

DON’T wear extremely tight clothes. 
I get it, you think you can get away with extremely tight clothes just because it’s black. This may be true, but all black is elegant and helps really make a person look very put together, don’t ruin that by wearing clothes that simply don’t fit, this is particularly relevant for those trying to look professional for a work setting.

DON’T wear faded black
When it’s done it’s DONE. If your blacks have that ashy glow to them and they look really faded, it’s time to chuck em. There is nothing worse than a black that’s ashy. All black doesn’t look chic when one part of your outfit is faded. For future, start using some color safe clothing detergent to avoid this. There is an exception, if the black you’re wearing is charcoal it can look faded. I have a charcoal blazer that I wear often, charcoal is blackish gray and that’s actually meant to be faded, other than that, make sure your blacks aren’t dingy looking.

Do rock a statement piece
All black is great but nobody wants to look like they just left a funeral everyday, so dress it up with a bright fun purse or in my case, an embroidered mock neck sweater and leopard print flats.

Do wear a bit of color
Yes, all black everything is nice but can get real matronly and boring real quick. If this is the case for you, layer with a fun colored jacket, like red, orange, blue, pink or yellow. I think color is for everyone and finding the right color for you will make your blacks look even better.

Do wear fun makeup
There is nothing I love more than an all black outfit with a fun red lip. It is so chic and fashion forward. If you’re going to wear all black everything, make sure you wear a fun red lip or do your makeup in way that your face just pops. One thing all black does is it fades you out in a crowd but if you want to stand out in all black, a fun lippy or eye shadow will do the trick.

Hope these tips help! FYI, my embroidered mock neck sweater is thrifted but I’ve linked my cute leopard print flats and a similar skirt above.


Deidra Marie

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