I said I’d provide a few snippets from the wedding I was in a few weeks back and here they are. You can clearly see I’m mostly obsessed with the head wrap or what my Nigerian beauties would call a “Gele”. The gele is one of the ultimate symbols of African royalty and has a rich history behind it. There are many different names for this head wrap in different regions of Africa but one thing is for sure, they are colorful, come in so many different fabrics, prints, textures and have their own special stories behind them. I was honored to be crowned in one of these for my dear friends wedding a few weeks back. The food was amazing, our dresses were amazing, the dancing was AMAZING, but nothing compared to the gele. Where will I wear this head wrap again? I literally have no clue, but I’ve spent several days coming up with ideas and am hoping my friend has another Nigerian event so I can wear my gele and brag about it on the Internet, LOL.

Do you see me and my dance partner getting down on the dance floor? He did a good job but uh, he’s not my Charlie, LOL. Nonetheless, I had an amazing time and am truly honored to have been apart of this.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go dance around the house in my gele and pretend Charlie and the cats aren’t looking at me like I’m looney.

#happyhumpday everyone!


Deidra Marie

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