Now that it’s officially chilly in NC,  it’s no longer socially acceptable to wear mini skirts without tights, yet I did and there is nothing anyone can do about it, LOL. Cold in NC is a bit different from cold in Massachusetts so I don’t think it’s quite time for tights but we are getting closer. Speaking of tights, view my list of cold weather accessories. Every girl should have at least one of these to weather the winter storms.


Okay, I admit, I don’t actually own one of these but I have every intention on getting a bright pink one that will actually fit over this head of hair. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here I currently have my eyes on that chartreuse greenish one.


I have plenty of these but they are all black. I’m thinking about taking my tight game to Blair Waldorf level and getting a few funky colors to spruce up my winter wardrobe. 😉


EVERY. GIRL. NEEDS. THIS. Like for real. I’m officially without one because the one I owned was on its last legs. Literally, all the buttons fell off and there was a hole in the pocket so when I’d drop change in the pocket it just fell through, LOL. Talk about getting your moneys worth, LOL.


Please don’t mess up your cute suede boots in the snow and slush. Get you some darling rain boots. If you’re like me and balling on a budget, buy a practical color that can go with any outfit.


What says fall and winter like hounds tooth? I have a coat in this pattern, two dress pants and a scarf. I’m set, but if you don’t have this, you’re missing out. Nothing says cold weather is upon us like hounds tooth.


This is clearly a must-have. Scarfs are essential to keep that beautiful neck of yours warm. Don’t be dull though; get something fun that can be styled multiple ways. Now is the time to experiment with fun accessories and no one can say anything about it.


This is clearly a given. Sweaters are life in this chilly weather. I sadly have to re up on my sweaters this year just because the ones I have are just old and dated. I’m also finding excuses to shop, LOL. Don’t judge.


The holidays are right around the corner and sparkle and shine is the name of the game. Don’t pull the glitter out yet but make sure you grab something soon so you’re well ahead of the game for all the new years festivities. This is right around the time I start buying glittery stuff to avoid the holiday crowd. The early bird catches the worm ladies and gents.

I hope you like my fall/winter wardrobe suggestions. By the way, I’m rocking a thrifted blazer, earrings and top and nabbed my skirt from TJ Maxx a few years back. Hope you like.

Happy Hump Day!


Deidra Marie

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