I have a confession to make,  once upon time I hated the color wine. I was in a wedding where I almost had to wear this color bridesmaid dress. Funny thing is, I ended up getting a color worse than the wine and I was begging the bride would change her mind. She didn’t, LOL. Funny how things work , because now I can’t get enough of this color! I love wine and it puts me in the Fall mood. If you’re loving this top I’m wearing, I got it from Walmart for 10 bucks. No lie, I really did. I have another confession to make, I like this top so much I got it in green too. Speaking of green and fall colors, if your having trouble figuring out this seasons colors, check out my go to colors list below. All colors can be paired with black or white. Hope you like. 

– Wine
– Orange/ Burnt Orange
– Olive Green 
– Black 
– Winter White
– Mustard Yellow
– Royal Purple
– Royal Blue
– Any Metallic (Silver, Gold)
– Gray
– Bold Red
– Chocolate Brown (doesn’t look great on me but give it a try)

These are literally my go to colors for my fall wardrobe. Just remember, when it doubt, spruce it up with an accessory or pair with black, white, neutral or gray. Just don’t do orange and black, looks very Halloween and unless you want to look like a bumble bee, don’t do all yellow black together either. 

Hope my color list helped. Happy Monday good people.


Deidra Marie

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