If you’ve been scoping out my Insta lately then you know I’m currently buying more lipsticks, for whatever reason, I don’t know. I guess fall just gets me in the dark lipstick shopping kind of mood, who knows. In any case, Charlie and I had a jam packed weekend. We did a photoshoot for his sister and family and then made our way to Charlotte for a church service and some much needed time with family and friends. On the way back, we spotted the mostly darling vintage movie theater and we just had to stop and have our weekly photo session there before heading home for the night. We LOVE LOVE LOVE stopping through abandoned rural towns and snapping pics. There is so much history from these towns and honestly, Charlie and I could have stayed all night, but it was getting cold and we were getting hungry so we just snapped a few pics and got back on the road. 

Wondering where I got the outfit, huh? Well, I’ve linked the skirt and shoes above for your shopping pleasure. The top was a vintage find from @shopvintagebowtique. You should totally check their Instagram page out, they have some pretty amazing finds, all vintage, in amazing condition and full color and personality; you know me, the brighter the better.  

Hope everyone has a great week! I’m so looking forward to a Thanksgiving feast, yum yum. 

Till next time good people. 


Deidra Marie 

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