5…4…3…2…1…HAPPY NEW YEAR

It’s been a pretty amazing year despite a few life events that seem like setbacks but have really been just life happening and a little word I like to call “adulting” This lady right here survived the finalizing of my parents divorce, a few financial setbacks, the death of my dear grandmother, my father’s cancer scare, some unexpected weight gain, transitions in ministry, embarking on a great fear of mine (going back to school) and losing a few friendships along the way.  2018 consisted of a lot of growing up, accepting things for what they are and leaving my fantasy world to face the beginning of my 30’s. Adulting is HARD, but I’m thankful for all the struggles, I’ve learned so much and am now facing fears, conquering giants, seeking for new adventures in the unknown and bringing back new pieces of me along the way to pass on to people who haven’t reached out yet. That’s what it is, I’m reaching, I’m reaching more now than I ever have. I’m beginning to see myself beyond where I’m at and it’s forcing me to reach, reach deeper in myself and pull out all my special talents, reach for others who don’t recognize their own, reaching for GOD because it all begins and ends with him, reaching for hope because it’s what has kept me hanging on, reaching for new opportunities because change is constant, reaching for others who reach because this circle of people help mold my vision and my dreams, reaching for more love because it covers a multitude of sins, reaching for the light because darkness cannot live there; I’m reaching, and I’ll continue to reach.

Here’s to a happy new year. Looking forward to 2018. I thank all those who have been following along and have been consistent CCC readers and CCC social media supporters. I started this blog because I just love writing, but I continue to blog because now I want to share my love of life and new found knowledge with the world, with you. Your support means the world and I’m excited for all the crazy shenanigans I’ll post for 2018.

P.S. My sparkly dress is linked above and I’ve also linked some similar shoes. 😉


Deidra Marie

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