February always makes me so happy: 1, because it’s one month closer to spring time and 2, because it’s one month closer to my birthday and tax season, LOL. I feel anew during February and I start getting into super duper cleaning mode. Spring cleaning is a real thing, yall’s, I swear. By the way, what’s everyone’s Valentine’s Day plans? I don’t have any plans really. Just hoping to get a free meal and back rub from that husband of mine, lol. In other news, in case you don’t know, I submitted an application for a pageant. I’m actually super excited about the interviews in the coming week. I entered because I’m really trying to get into some more community service. I often do community service but it’s either been through the church or through work. I love helping out my community and when I have the time, I try and do so. I always want to help build a place where everyone has opportunity, opportunity to grow and connect with others. I honestly one day hope to do this on a more global scale but until my bank account says otherwise, I’ll stick to NC service. I’m really trying to grow and get into any and everything this year. I always tell people that in 2016 I made a promise to myself to try anything until something worked; I haven’t broken that promise to myself. Why did I do this? Well, 2015 was a year of growth and maturity. I really struggled in my work, my marriage, my walk with God and I felt as if I was losing my sense of identity. I also felt as though I couldn’t relate to anyone or connect with anyone. Much of what I went through resulted in a lack of confidence and a timidness that I didn’t know had manifested itself in me. I was scared to try new things for fear of looking dumb, or for fear of failing. Most of the promises I made to myself in 2016 was to face those fears. I knew that as long as I was trying new things, I would feel rejection and begin to take it in in a more positive and mature way as opposed to not trying anything and never knowing what could have been. On the flip side, I knew that my promise would also help me feel success and appreciate the baby steps towards who I was becoming. This promise also taught me how to remain humble when success does hit all at once, this is the way it usually happens for me. It’s a funny thing, I’m not completely there and sometimes I have to self check, but it’s so worth it to have those days where I’m completely fearless. There are days where I feel like nothing can touch me and I have this confidence that I feel fills the room and spreads to other women who are feeling low. I realize now that the purpose of this promise to myself was not just for me, but I’m now starting to realize it is for other women who are where I was. I want to encourage, empower and help manifest fearless women in their endeavors, and this can only happen if I step out and am not afraid to jump, not afraid to reach, not afraid to fly and not afraid to let go.

This post went all the way left, I was suppose to be sharing Valentine’s Day tips but I am feeling super fearless and empowered right now and thought I’d share. Perhaps next year I can share some V-Day tips, or not, LOL. 

Dress and boot deets linked at the top for your shopping pleasure :). 

Have a good week lovelies!


Deidra Marie 

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