One of my fav people to hangout with on the weekend is my big bro. We’ve been tight since 1987, then my sister came along and well…..things got more fun, LOL. We are a family that’s all about the free stuff. Thankfully, we live in a city where free stuff is happening all the time. One of my fav activities to do is walk around the NC Art museum. They had some new exhibits a few weeks back so  my brother, Charlie and I had to check it out. And of course, we couldn’t possibly go anywhere and leave our camera behind, so we snapped some shots of all the shenanigans too. We ran into a fellow NC styleblogger/vlogger from South Africa, doing the most amazing photoshoot EVER with the most amazing NC photographer EVER, Kathleen Nolis. Aren’t they beauts!? We exchanged insta info and I’ve been following both their pages ever since. I love meeting fellow bloggers and supporting other peoples content. It’s nice to get another perspective on things and link up with like-minded people doing dope stuff in my city.

Well, I have a boat load of homework to do before the day is done and I’m also prepping for my pageant interviews so it may or may not be awhile before I can post another fashion look but we’ll see. It’s always nice to stop by and provide content when I can #lifeofapartimeblogger. I’ll keep you posted on all the pageant deets though.

Till next time friends.


Deidra Craig

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