2018 has been all about the wash n go. I don’t think I’ve mastered this style but I can do a decent wash n go in under 2 hours. Lately, I’ve been wearing this hair style because I just simply don’t have the time to do much else with my hair. With the right products, I’ve been out the door in less than 2 hours, which in my case, is amazing! Hair routine deets are all listed below.

1. Wash with a mild shampoo, lately I’ve been using Mane Choice’s Easy on the Curls Shampoo

2. Detangle in 4 sections under running water in the shower after shampoo rinse out

3. Add deep conditioner, I use Mielle Organics Babassu Oil and Mint Deep Conditioner. It has great slip. I usually deep condition every other week. On my off weeks I just co-wash, wash n go.

4. If it’s deep condition week I usually sit under a hooded dryer for 20-30 minutes with a plastic cap.

5. Rinse deep condition out.

6. Apply leave in conditioner (Raw Shea Butter Leave-in by Shea Moisture) apply Aloe Vera Juice, then apply oil, lately, I’ve been using avocado oil or almond oil.

7. Split hair is 6 sections and apply styling gel to each section. I’ve been using the Mielle Organics Pomegranate and Honey Curling Custard, but now that it is more humid, my hair requires a bit more hold so I’m switching back to Kinky Curly Curling Custard again until next winter. As for my application method, I do a mixture of shingling, praying hands method and raking method. The front of my hair is very tempermental so shingling works best. In the back I can usually get away with applying the gel and raking.

8. I’ve been using the hair diffuser lately, I love it but my hair in the front does not, so I now only diffuse the back and let the front air dry. If I have all the time in the world (which I never do) I let all my hair air dry. Sometimes I get it like 60% dry by sitting under the hooded dryer then let the rest air dry, just depends on my mood that day.

And that’s really all folks.

Because I get so annoyed with my hair in the summer, I’ll either cut it short or keep it in twist. Life’s to short to be dealing with hair on your neck in the hot sticky summer.

By the way, I saw you scoping out my black and white blazer. This is one of my most loved finds from @feliciafaye_vintage. I’m truly in love with this one, like for real. One of the things I love most about vintage finds is that size is never really an issue because back in the day everyone wore everything oversized.  I highly recommend checking out her stash on Instagram though. She has some pretty nice goodies in stock.

Photo Credit: Vida, Intern for CraigsPick Photography

Hope you have a good week!


Deidra Marie

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