Out here chewing my gum and checking the time and wondering where it all went because August is literally flying by. By the way, have you noticed I’m back at it with one of my favorite color combos, pink and green?Nope, I’m not a sorority girl, I just love these two colors together and whenever I get a chance to style it, I do. Speaking of style choices, lately I’ve been styling and profiling my best looks with my new Atlantis wristwatch. Watches are certainly out of my style comfort zone, but this summer I’ve had the amazing opportunity to partner with Atlantis Wristwatches and I must say, their watches are so classy and sleek. I love the watch selection so much that they were able to send me 5 amazing watches to wear and style. In these pics, I’m rocking the Serendipity Watch with the rose gold backdrop and white wrist band. Confession, up until a about a year or so ago, I had no interest in wearing watches because I thought it would just distract me and hold me accountable for time, LOL. Awful, huh? Well, it’s not so bad after all. I barely check the time on the watches I wear now and just wear them for style purposes. My Apple watch gets a lot love these days because I’m tracking my steps and making sure I keep my weight down for the pageant. It’s great to have a watch that notifies you when to breathe and stand. Talk about accountability, LOL.

Something you may not know about these amazing watches is that their men’s watches. I think they have such a sleek, clean look to them that I consider them unisex and wearable by just about anyone if you ask me. Watches have become one of my new favorite accessories to style and profile these days and I’m hoping to keep watches as a style staple in my closet to pair with more fun outfits. And, on the topic of outfits, keep scrolling for deets on this one.

I got this cute hot pink skirt from the Uptown Cheapskate consignment shop and got the sheer frilled white top from Target on sale for 12 bucks! I know <> Lately, I’ve been mixing some of the most unusual clothing pieces together to use clothes that have been sitting in my closet collecting dust for years. Much of the new pieces you’re seeing on my IG page and FB page are not actually new, they are just items I couldn’t fit as of a few months ago. I’ve tweaked my diet and workout routine and have been seeing some impressive results in my measurements. I haven’t weighed myself because I know the scale will say I’ve gained, but the fact that my clothes fit very well and I can wear my mini skirts again tells me everything I need to know about my results and lets me know my body is changing for the good. Too many people are focused on being skinny but main concern is making sure I can get some wear out of the clothes I own. No use spending your hard-earned money on items you’ll never use, right?

Anyway, hope you all have an AMAZING week. Till next time.


Deidra Marie

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