This blogger meet and greet at Lou & Grey North Hills happened close to a month ago and I’m finally getting a chance to share a few pics from this fun-filled event. This summer is my first time really connecting with other bloggers in my area. It’s been great to meet these amazing women in the Triangle and their photographer bf’s and hubbies too 🙂 For those who don’t blog, it’s very common to adopt your spouse or boyfriend as your photographer for your blog, LOL 🙂 😂 . Anyway, everyone I’ve met so far has so many amazing stories to share and their blogs are absolutely amazing with great, authentic, real content. I’ve learned a lot this summer about how important my blogger network is. I must admit, I have kind of been in my blogger bubble for a few years trying to figure out how get noticed on IG and other social outlets to build up a bigger audience but this summer I just simply don’t care about that anymore. I care about the relationships I’ve made with bloggers and content creators. It’s so much more important to me to connect than to stay glued behind a computer screen waiting for opportunities to come my way. I’m learning to let things go and just flow. I’ve never really been to concerned about following simply because those who follow me I know are authentic followers who choose to read my content. This summer has taught me that those who are around for the CCC blog are meant to be there. This blogging thing is hard and requires planning, networking, patience and perseverance. The easy part is that I can just be me.



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The beautiful blonde in the black dress is Nicole from The Doctorette blog. Nicole and the Lou & Grey team hosted this amazing blogger meet and greet for us and I can’t thank her and Lou & Grey North Hills enough! I’m sure you see some other familiar faces in the pics too. You may remember my friend Taylor (beautiful floral dress). We were laughing it up at the event talking about how Taylor should start a blog called “Yoga Paws” (because she’s obsessed with her dog and yoga). She’s a bit busy with her PhD program right now but when she gets some down time, I’m sure she’ll be all over this blog idea. And who could forget the lovely Valerie from The Mini Mama blog. It was so great running into her and her lovely cousin (far left). Between the cake pops, good conversation about research and future higher education plans and snapping a few fun pics around the store I was energized and looking back on this day, I’m excited my blogger future. These blogger meet greets are always so unexpected, full of women from diverse backgrounds and enlightening. I hope to one day host my own meet and greet and perhaps promote a life changing initiative. With this summer coming to a close and I feel more confident about the future of the CCC blog and hope you’ll continue to follow along and support me on this journey. Growth, insight and new people help me feel refreshed and enthusiastic about what’s to come. Now I’m all jittery and ready for the next adventure. Stay tuned!


Deidra Marie



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