Well, Shello everyone! It’s been a long time since my last post. Don’t worry, I’m still alive. I’ve been cooking up something real sweet and I’m excited to share it with you! I’ve partnered with a local vegan nail polish company, Shello Polish and I’m celebrating their new Shello collection and sporting their Girl Boss polish with two funky, fun colored looks styled with one of my favorite vintage blazers. I’m loving the way this salmon pink color is popping on my nails. You know me, go bright or go home. This nail polish went on smooth and thick and it’s been a few days and my nails haven’t cracked yet. To put the icing on the cake, all the Shello polishes are cruelty free, 9-free and vegan, now that’s a brand I can get behind. I’m usually too lazy to paint my nails but if it last, I’m willing to put forth the effort, also who would pass up on these fun colors? Not I. Anyway, I’ve got a few surprises for ya so if I’ve peaked your curiosity, keep scrolling…




and if you’re really not interested in anything I’m talking about, keep scrolling, LOL.



No seriously, I swear you’ll like it……..

So, on September 8th I’ll be partying it up with the Shello squad at their Shello Polish launch party being held from 2PM-5PM at the GlassBox downtown Raleigh. I invite you to come out and paint the town Salmon Pink with me that day or Socially Pink or Pinkless or just paint it whatever color you want but whatever color you choose #colorwithconfidence. I know this is short notice but RSVP for the launch party ends on August 31st so click here to RSVP and hurry hurry!

Wait I’m not done, there’s more. Use code: colorwithconfidence10 to get 10% off your Shello Polish order. You can thank us at the launch party 😉 and check them out on IG @shellopolish

Okay, one last thing, I swear, LOL. I will be hosting a Shello Polish giveaway! From now until Sept 7th. Comment on this post or on my  Facebook or upcoming Instagram Shello polish post with your favorite nail polish color along with the hashtag #colorwithconfidence for a chance to win Pinkless, Socially Pink and Power to the Pink Shello Polishes, because on Wednesdays we wear pink, right? (I’m sorry, that Mean Girls quote was too easy and was made for this blogpost, LOL).

That’s all for now good people. Hope to see all your beautiful faces at the launch party next week.

Till next time.


Deidra Marie


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