Well, it’s officially Fall ya’ll, but in North Carolina that means absolutely nothing, LOL. Us North Carolinians don’t begin to see hints of Fall until right around mid October, sometimes even late October. We have second summer here so I don’t get too excited until it’s time to start wearing a light jackets. I literally feel all weird inside trotting down the street in shorts and tank sipping on a pumpkin spice latte. There is something wrong with that whole situation, LOL. Until it cools down I’ll be rocking transition outfits like this cord mustard yellow skirt with summer tee and platform sandals.

In any case, I’m rounding up some pretty fun fall looks as it is my fav season of the year but of course when Fall actually gets here in NC, I’m never really ready, so I’m trying to get ahead of the game and start planning early. Below I’m sharing a few tips on how I’m gearing up for the Fall season. Hope you like.


I never wear all the outfits I plan on wearing or envision myself wearing simply because I’m never organized. I usually end up settling for an outfit that was thrown together with no thought. So this year, I’m organizing that disastrous closet of mine and figuring out what staple pieces I’ll wear often and put away or giveaway the things I don’t. Mini skirts and tights, sweaters and turtlenecks, plaids, and jumper dress, a few pairs of denim and simple jewelry are what I’ll take out and hang up for wearing this season. I want to be able to just grab my look, throw it on and go instead of shifting through clothes in my closet that don’t make sense for the season or for work (which is where I’m at 40 hours a week).


There are so many things just sitting around my house and not being put to good use, so I’ll be posting a video of all the stuff I’m not currently using and I’ll host a giveaway to anyone who wants it. I’m blessed beyond measure and I don’t mind sharing. Tis the season too.


Fall is about the mustard yellows, the blood orange, the deep purples, the creams and browns. I’m going to sift through this closet of mine and get these colors out and start re-working a few of the clothing pieces I’ve been neglecting for years. Fall yellows, orange, purples, creams and maroons are my fav colors. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good neon color in the summer but when Fall comes around, my deep bold colors get me all excited and get me in the mood for yummy comfort food and spending time with family and friends. All my clothes need love and need to come out and play. I have a mustard yellow sweater I’m dying to rock with a cute plaid mini skirt. Just thinking about this look has me drooling. If I’m feel really OCD, I’ll color coordinate the closet so I can style for the day based on the color I feel like wearing. In other words, get a color theme going and stick with it.


I’m a pretty simple girl with about 3 good pairs of boots in black suede, black leather, and brown suede. Unfortunately, these boots have yet to see daylight. In past years, I would pick my outfit and then shoes came last. This year, I’m making an effort to organize my outfits around these boots. Sometimes your best looks start with a good shoe.


Because your large coats and sweaters can really cover up a cute look, I really make up for it by rocking the cutest accessories. This year, I want to focus on fun tights, berets and scarfs. I plan on cutting my hair very short for the fall so berets will be a great way to keep my head warm and I’ll finally be able to wear a beret with less hair on my head. I love a good scarf too, it keeps your neck warm but the right color can really set off a blah outfit. Lastly, when it’s too cold to go bare leg in my mini skirts, I always play it up with fun colored tights.

What are you doing to get your wardrobe fall ready? Any tips for the CCC readers out there for planning a fall wardrobe? Drop your comments below.


Deidra Marie

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