(left) Big Bro Derek, Mom, Dad, baby sis Danny, and me


There were about 5 different families under our roof the other day and I couldn’t be more blessed. This is the first time we’ve had almost the whole squad together under one roof so, like any blogger would do in this situation, I forced everyone to dress up in fall colors and go outside and take pics, LOL. (and like I knew my family would, nobody was in dress code, LOL) which leads me into my 5 F’s or in other words, the 5 things I’m grateful for. Keep scrolling for the list.




Hubby and the in-laws

My nieces and nephew

Sister in-law Selina, baby Will, Allie, and Mari

Baby Will, isn’t he the cutest?

These cuties melt my heart

My Allie Bear

And more of baby Will

Big Bro and his gf

Double the trouble

Remind me of my baby sis and big bro

Mi madre

In-laws and hubby

The Munn’s

Okay, one more because he’s so darn cute!

Last one, I swear

Mi Familia


Duh, you knew that already. This is literally the ultimate gift and I so appreciate just eating with them, catching up with them, playing endless games of Taboo into the night hours with them. God is so good!


I’ve lost some friends, but really value the ones I have. Friendships these days have been so meaningful and now that my circle of friends is smaller and tighter, I can really focus in on what makes each and every one of them so special and unique. You know who you are, you know who I’m talking too. Know that I value you and all the things that make you you.


God bless all the calories I took in this past weekend, may they all melt away into a far far land that is not my stomach, LOL. I must admit, there was some good food this past Thursday, of course, I was responsible for making all the bad food, all the cards, all the starch. Thankfully, my mother in-law brought all the healthy green beans, mustard greens and broccoli. Food really does bring people together and then afterwards sends people home so they can nap too, LOL.


Because we all need a bit more of it. Between school, work, blogging, family, friends and pageant duties, I’M BEAT and so looking forward to a vacation. This turkey day was a highlight of what’s to come. Our family has had a few scares these past few months so to see everybody at my house on Thursday was really the ultimate blessing. We had fun, we joked, we laughed, we watched the game, were loud and obnoxious, how any family member of mine would be. It was felt like home again.


Black Friday that is. I shopped until I dropped. I’ll probably also return a whole bunch of stuff after seeing my next credit card bill but it was nice to take part in this ludicrous shopping tradition and because it started on Thursday, there was no fight with the crowd on Friday. I walked right in Target without a hassle, didn’t have to stand in one line and was greeted by one of the friendliest Target employees EVER.

What you thankful for? Drop your comments below!

Till Next Time,


Deidra Marie

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