For those who don’t know, I’ve been receiving some of the most amazing beauty products from Oui Fresh. I receive a one month supply beauty box of some the best lipsticks, oils, hair conditioners, shampoos, nail polish and lip glosses. There are more, but way too many to name. For all the deets on how to get started with your OuiFresh subscription to receive beauty boxes every month, check them out here. In this month’s beauty box I received some super fun lip glosses and this awesome “Babe With The Power” tee. The lippy I’m wearing in the pics is called Sabrina. This is one of two beauty boxes I’ll be receiving for December. Getting these gifts gets me all giddy and warm and fuzzy inside and has got me thinking about what I want for Christmas. Have you all got your Christmas list together? I have a few things on my mind, but I usually don’t know what I want until it’s too late and Christmas has passed. I am however, on top of things this year and gathered a list of a few things that I want and why. You should check it out!  Oh by the way, link to this fun holiday inspired look is listed below.



Shop all my goodies …

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Pants | Shoes | Shirt


Apparently, according to my dentist, I’m brushing too hard, so I gotta take it easy on the chompers and he said I should get an electric toothbrush. Any suggestions? This will be my first one. Drop your suggestions in the comment box below. It will be much appreciated.


I’ve been wanting one of these since FOREVER and I think I’m finally going to take that leap and purchase one. They have amazing benefits for your overall hair health and help retain moisture in your hair which, as you know, with this mop, is a PLUS.

151b and 20lb DUMBBELLS

I’m trying to up my fitness routine and the 5lb and 10lb dumbbells are little too light now since I’m getting stronger and more fit. That being said, I usually purchase my dumbbells from Walmart or Target for my at home strength training workouts. Here’s hoping I see these under the tree this year.


Word on the street is that this baby cooks your beans and other food at lightning fast rates. I  have all the cooking responsibilities in our household so an instapot would make my life so much easier. Right after I get off work, I start cooking and while the food is slow cooking, Charles and I usually go for a run around the neighborhood or do some type of strength training in the living room, but if I could cook things faster, I wouldn’t have to worry about checking in on the food during our workout sessions.


Don’t get me wrong, I love my ginormous purses, but on days where I’m roaming around the city doing random stuff with Charles, I want something I can just throw over my body that’s light-weight, but still big enough to carry all the random stuff you’d find in my purse (i.e. lotion, hand sanitizer, make-up, my library card and mountains of return receipts, LOL 😂)

So, there you have it ladies and gentlemen, my 2018 Christmas wish list. It’s pretty simple if you ask me. Here’s hoping all my Christmas dreams come true.

Tell me, what’s on your Christmas list this year? Comment below what you have your eye on and I’m hoping and praying you  see what you’re looking for under the tree this year.

Till next time.


Deidra Marie

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