Me and my fave blogger friends hit the road last week and headed to DJ’s Berry Patch in Cary, NC to snap some shots that showcase some of our fave fall looks because why not! It’s fall yall! Anywho, I’m so thankful to have teamed up with Blowfish Malibu again to bring you the cutest little fall green booties. I was a bit reluctant to wear them as I was unsure how to style these boots. You all know me, I’m all about the bright colors and this color was certainly a new look for me, but what do you think? Think I pulled off an effortless fall look or nah? LOL 😂

My Blowfish Malibu booties are now a staple in my fall looks for this season. I realize that just because they are not the brightest color in the crayon box, doesn’t mean they don’t get or deserve the same love. With that being said, aside from the look I’m featuring in this post, I plan to challenge myself this fall season and share a few more fall looks with these booties because lets face it, I need to be better about mixing the dark fall pieces with my own colorful flair in my outfits. In this case, I’ve added some fun plaid pants to complete the look and I did some layering. I know, I know, I just can’t help myself when it comes to the colors and prints. Nothing in my closet is practical. Well, nothing in my closet was practical until these booties hit my closet. It’s definitely a game changer now.

So what boots or shoes are you wracking up on or styling this fall?

Till next time.



Deidra Marie


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