Charles and I celebrated 10 years of marriage this past weekend. Oddly enough it doesn’t feel like it’s been a decade of adventures with this dude. I guess time flies when you’re having fun. In any case, we booked a last minute trip to Charlotte, North Carolina for the weekend and decided our little lovebug, Charlee should tag along. Granted she won’t remember anything about this trip, it’s nice to see her happy and I’m just grateful to be spending time with my little family before my maternity leave ends this week coming. Can you even believe it’s been 10 weeks? I know I can’t. So far we’ve spent a majority of time lounging around in our hotel bed, snapping pics, eating, watching television and just enjoying playing with our little Char Char. This was our first time staying at the The Ballantyne Charlotte. The customer service has been awesome, we had the tastiest breakfast and the room is so cozy; I guess that explains we really haven’t left. We were only suppose to stay for one night, but ended up extending our stay to enjoy some more family time.

We up ended doing some thrift shopping late in the afternoon. Then we had to stop by Target to get Charlee some new clothes because she literally messed up every piece of clothing we packed for her. Even with a bib she still manages to get milk spit and whatever else on her nicest outfits. This is life traveling with a newborn, lol. Kind of happy I spent 7 bucks on a pack of white onesies and not hundreds of bucks because newborns are messy messy humans with no regard for clothing preservation, lol. Did I mention Charlee enjoyed every plush pillow in the room? All she wanted to do was lounge on the bed, sounds about like her mom, lol. 😂 I can’t wait until she can talk see we can go back and forth with commentary on our latest Netflix binge watch. Keep scrolling for lounging pics with Charlee.

After many ours of lounging around in bed, playing with Charlee, snapping pics, talking and watching television, we finally decided it was time to eat, so we ordered some cheap Chinese food from down the street. I couldn’t be happier to just be chilling with my little family and enjoying some good quality time. COVID has stopped a lot things from happening in 2020, but one thing it didn’t do was stop me from valuing quality family time, in fact it gave me more time to think about family and how much it truly means to me. Since having Charlee, family time has a whole new meaning these days. It’s about the little things. I use to be all hung up on getting out, doing excursions and exploring the world, but now it’s just about spending time with the fam, getting to know my loved ones on a deeper level and just living life with out time restrictions and distractions. I’m going back to work with a new perspective. My family is everything to me and I want my daughter to feel loved all the time. I want her to know that family comes first and spending time together is a priority in our household. Work is great, hanging out with my friends is great, but my family means more.

Stay tuned for part two of my stay at in Ballantyne.

Till next time friends.


Deidra Marie

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