By the looks of these pictures it looks like it’s really a vacation for Charlee and that’s because it was a vacation for Charlee, LOL. One thing I’m realizing as a parent is that your happiness is really their happiness. If your kid is happy that’s really all that matters and hence you’re happy. Or maybe that’s just me. In any case, my kid was happy lounging around on a plush hotel bed for 2 days, and as a sleep deprived mom, I wasn’t complaining about it, so win win over here. Honestly, we knew what this getaway was gonna be. We had every intention on hiding away in hotel and enjoying over priced room service and binge watching whatever the heck was on television. Just getting away was the real goal and while 10 years of marriage is a big deal and should be celebrated, having the little one tag along wasn’t so bad. She basically slept the whole time anyway. I don’t think she had a clue we were in a different place, let alone a different city. I mean, at her age, the only thing she really cares about is a dry diaper and a warm bottle, oh the joys of being a baby, not a care in the world, LOL. 😂

Anyway, we started are morning off with the tastiest breakfast from the hotel’s restaurant. Room service of course. I snapped a gajillion pics before we devoured every bite, then headed out on the town for some fresh air and thrift shopping. We would stop by a store, one of us would stay in the car with Charlee while the other shopped then we’d switch. We just didn’t feel comfortable strolling Charlee around in public places during a global pandemic, so we thought this was the best way for now. So I guess you can say Charlee didn’t really see Charlotte. Even if we did get out with her, she literally slept the whole time we were out, newborns, gotta love it. I tell ya, when their up they just want you to fulfill a few basic needs, pay attention to them for a few minutes then they are ready to nap again. Sounds simple, huh? Well try playing with a newborn at 3AM on a Tuesday night knowing you got work in just a few more hours and you’re running off of 3 hours of sleep. This is my story, this is my song ladies and gentlemen, LOL 😂….

In any case, we enjoyed our time lounging around on the plush bed at the Ballantyne. Once little Charleekins is up and walking and talking, I’m sure we’ll be back to enjoy Charlotte and perhaps this hotel in a more exciting capacity. For now, I’m just grateful Charlee was up long enough so we could snap some pics of her in her element. She’s already so curious about the world, of course this is when she’s awake for 1 hour in between her 4 hour naps. Keep in mind, newborns sleep about 14-16 hours a day so getting pics of her up and smiling was a rare occurrence and definitely the only anniversary gift I actually needed. By the way, this new mom here is amazed at how fast they grow. I swear she doesn’t even look like this anymore and it’s literally only been two weeks. I’m stuck in this battle between wanting her to grow up so I can talk with her and do more activities with her and wanting her to stay a baby so I can cuddle with her and hold her. I imagine after a certain age I doubt they’ll want to cuddle and be held so I’m getting all the cuddles in now while she’s small and trying to figure out the world.

Anyway, I just wanted to share the last bit of pics from our stay at the Ballantyne and hope you enjoyed this photo album. Here’s motherhood, and 10 years with the best husband and dad EVER. Keep scrolling for more Charlee pics and enjoy!

Till next time.


Deidra Marie

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