Hi Everyone!

It’s been awhile since my last post. Taking care of an infant and back from maternity leave so I guess life just happened and I’m just living it. Just dropping by to share a few of my fall photos at the pumpkin patch with one of my faves. This was such a fun day and one of my first times out with friends since having my little Charleekins. Don’t worry, we were masked up the entire time with the exception of when we took photos. Every year I head out to DJ’s Berry Patch to capture some fall shots with a few of my blogger babes and I also shoot a lot of fall sessions out here for clients. This has been a strange year and the first year I haven’t shot a client at this location. I had a family session booked at this location, but because of COVID, the pumpkin patch closed early for the season and we had to relocate. If this isn’t a small description of what 2020 has been like, I don’t know what is. 2020 is the year of changed plans and improvising. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos. We had a lot fun shooting them and what’s fall without a visit to at least one pumpkin patch, right? 😊

Coming soon to the blog, I’ll be counting down Christmas with a few of my fave holiday looks I put together for 2020. Also, later this week, I’ll be sharing a few of my fall family photos. For those who have been following along for awhile, you know I take one family photo with everyone at my house in the back yard every year on Thanksgiving Day. Well, COVID means the only family photo I got this year was one of me, hubby and baby C, so needless to say, Thanksgiving was a little different this year, but happy to have shared it with the two loves of my life in a safe and healthy way.

See you all back here soon! Stay safe and healthy y’all!


Deidra Marie

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